In this page, we give attribution and acknowledgment to services and material used on our website.
  • Blogger: our website is hosted and operated on Blogger interface. Blogger is one of Google's acquisitions and is one of the most famous weblog publishing tools on the web. Find Blogger website here:
  • Adsense: our website serves Google Adsense ads. Adsense is the most powerful and efficient advertising service on the web. Find Adsense website here:
  • Seobloggertemplates: our website used the Blue Blog Blogger Template from SEO Blogger Templates. They provide free and premium Blogger Templates, and their templates are highly professional and SEO Optimized. Find their website here:
  • Java: our website presents java practices, tutorials and material. Java is a computer programming language created by James Gosling and owned by Oracle Corporation; it is the only coding language where you write a program and it runs on multiple operating systems. Find Java website here:
  • Codingbat: our website uses codingbat practice problems and solves them accordingly. Coding Bat is created by Nick Parlante and has gone viral online. Find Java website here:
  • Projecteuler: our website uses projecteuler prolems. Project Euler problems require mathematical and computer programming knowledge. Find their website here:

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