Regular Expressions: Match the documents ending with .pdf


Create a regex expression that matches only documents ending with .pdf.



I can't see an example importanter than this.

Step 1: Start with the ending. Tell the regex you want your the file to end with .pdf. To do that just type: \.pdf$ (^ indicates the beginning of the file, $ indicates the ending of the file).

Step 2: You don't care how the string begins and how many characters it will contain. So, you look for the regex note that indicates any regular character; it is already known \w.

Step 3: You don't know how many characters there are; it should be at least one character; the file cannot be ".pdf"; so for that you add + to the \w: \w+.

Step 4: Merge everything: \w+\.pdf$
That would capture for example: file_a_record_file.pdf

Step 5: The question is asking for file_a_record_file only! Not the pdf extension. No problem. Just do this: (\w+\)\.pdf$.
The paranthenties indicate that you're not interested in the .pdf thingy.

Final Answer: (\w+\)\.pdf$.

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