Solving "Private loads are not supported for this card" payoneer problem

A question I often get is "When can I start using the Private Loading Service?" In order to more easily address this question, I decided to create a blog post.

The main use of your Payoneer account is to receive payments using our US Payment Service, or from any of their partners (which are companies/sites that pay with Payoneer). For accounts that are active in receiving payments via those methods, you will have the additional option of receiving private loads.

If you are not yet eligible to use the private loading service, you will see an error "Private loads are not supported for this card." In this case you will need to receive additional payments from either of the sources mentioned above, and then try again. 

Once you are active in receiving payments from any of our official partners, or the US Payment Service, you will see the Private Loading Service become available to you.

Unfortunately, they cannot do this for you and they won't be able to open the feature without sufficient payouts. If the amount of your payment was not high enough to qualify you to use the Private Loading Service. Continue receiving payments, once you reach a high enough activity you will see the service become available.

So to sum up, you need to make serious money, not just 100$, and receive it via one of their companies to your payoneer US virtual account. In that way, they'll gain Payoneer's trust you and you'll be able to enable private loads.

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